What is GROND?

GROND is a new art space and a collective at Het Nieuwe Bajesdorp. Centered around collectivity, sustainability, cross-pollination, and process-based work. At GROND, we develop new recipes for living and working together to fight alienation, which is increasingly dominant in our society. 

To share this vision and run the space collectively, GROND is putting out a call for new members. Join us in building a safe space to experiment, play, grow, and think differently together!

Whom are we looking for?

GROND is open to all sorts of makers and/or artistic researchers: graphic designers, writers, curators, independent publishers, filmmakers, interdisciplinary artists, visual artists, chefs, and musicians. 

We are looking for people who loves to work within an open and flexible structure in which you shape as well as take responsibility within a collective. The community of Bajesdorp and GROND is based on this very collective principle. We believe that when you work and live as a collective, you learn to embrace the process, to give and to take, to be flexible, to share authorship, to deal with conflicting interests, to be creative in an organic way, to be generous, and to let go. We aspire to learn these skills together and eventually learn to practice solidarity, which is highly needed in society today.

Who is part of GROND and where are we currently working on?

GROND currently consists of 15 individual members and one collective. These members include sound artists and composers, dancers, social art practitioners, filmmakers, theatre makers, visual artists, and artists with interdisciplinary practices. 

We are working towards a public opening in September 2024, finishing the building and establishing a stimulating and accessible public program of social, cultural, ecological, communal, and culinary activities. In doing so, we are testing out a bottom-up and organic way of programming in which different program components flow into each other and bridges are built. We connect different domains and invest in building relationships based on reciprocity. 

How does the membership at GROND work?

Once you become a member, you can use the spaces for production, programming, experimentation, and collaboration. For individuals, the membership fee, excl VAT, is €80 per month.  For a collective, this is, excl VAT, €200 per month. As a member, you have 24/7 access to the spaces on the ground floor but always in coordination with the other members.

Note that at the beginning of your membership, there is a one-time deposit of €500, which will be returned to you when you decide to leave the project. 

More about the spaces on the ground floor

Together we run a black box theater, three studios, a canteen, kitchen and two gardens. 

The Blackbox theater (ca. 60 m2) is a flexible soundproof performance space that we plan to equip with theater lighting, a sound system, and a projector. 

Studio 1 (ca. 36m2) is an Open Studio for workshops, gatherings, discussions and rehearsals. 

Studio 2 (ca. 34 m2) is the Maker Space where you can work with textiles, wood, and other physical materials. 

Studio 3 (ca. 60 m2, on the third floor) will be the office space for writing, printing, discussing, meeting, thinking, and editing with a small sound studio to be built. 

The canteen connects two studios and the black-box with a kitchen and a bar. We have two gardens. Bajestuin has been functioning as a community garden. We are aspiring to build a second garden with edible plants and a small amphitheater in the middle.

Do you want to become a GROND member?

Please fill out this form if you want to shape the collective mosaic of GROND and develop your practice within this context. The deadline is Wednesday 31 July 2024. You will hear from as within 2 weeks after your application. 

We are looking forward to receiving your application!