At the Ground Floor of Bajesdorp we will welcome you to an open space for artistic encounters, and experiments. This is where you will find performances, workshops, rehearsals, previews, food and drinks. Our vision is to combat alienation in the midst of the increasing individualistic and capitalistic society that surrounds us by creating community where people from all backgrounds can come together.


The Ground Floor is run by an association of 25 artists and collectives, that come from many different artistic practices, but share a desire for community with a DIY spirit, or rather, a Do It Together spirit.

Below you can find a list of our members.


At the moment we are still in the process of setting up the spaces and preparing the program. For this we can use your help in the form of donations, and in the long run as Friend of the association. As a Friend you will make a small monthly or annual donation to the association, and in return be invited to attend a certain number of special events organised in the space.


Current individual members are Arthur KneepkensFani KonstantinidouJasna Velickovic, Judith Baten, Marc NukoopMarije Baalman, Martin Kaffarnik, Mint Park, Mohamed Noor, Ivo BolMayke Haringhuizen, Hélène Kocken, Marion TränkleLianne van Roekel and, Quartier Mustache.

We Sell Reality is a collective member.

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GROND collage 2